13 June 2017


PRC Magazine is one of the most extensive multi-disciplinary building sector publications in the Asia Pacific region. It is a preeminent media vehicle for the built environment, featuring comprehensive corporate business profiles and stunning presentations of major regional projects. In March 2017, we were honoured with a 4-fullpage feature of Mirage by the Lake. The article highlighted the “sustainability, cultural sensitivity and qualitative return” of the project.

On its strategic location, the author cited the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) as an “upcoming global technology epicentre, just minutes from Putrajaya, an administrative town housing over 500 local and multinational tech firms”.

The author also noted the synergy with the local climate: “regardless of size, all units are afforded democratic access to light, views, and natural ventilation: components integral to the tropical Malaysian climate”.

We are most heartened by the author’s praise that Mirage by the Lake encourages interaction among residents through practicality and leisurely appeals.

The bilingual article titled “Sustainable and High-End Residential on the Multimedia Super Corridor” can be found here: https://issuu.com/rofmedia/docs/prc87_all_issuu

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